Dennis Aquino hails from a background rich in diverse experiences. His family’s migration from the Philippines to Canada in 2000 set the stage for his journey, instilling in him a deep sense of gratitude towards his parents for the opportunities they envisioned. Edmonton has been his home since then, and he considers himself blessed to have the opportunity to live in this wonderful city. Dennis enjoys backyard cookouts with family and friends, globe-trotting to destinations like Mexico and Japan, and exploring cuisines in every place he visits. His early work experience as a runner at Superstore, a cashier/cook at A&W, and a home theatre specialist at Best Buy laid the foundation for his career trajectory. After completing post-secondary education, Dennis excelled as an Electrical Technician, focusing on problem-solving and commissioning diverse industrial sites across Alberta.

As years passed, Dennis seized the opportunity to transition to sales in the new home building industry, where he assisted many families in Edmonton in building their first homes. He discovered his passion for helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership. Now, as a Realtor with JL Realty Group, Dennis has the privilege of exploring homes on the resale side as well. Working with him ensures that all your bases are covered. Dennis looks forward to accompanying you on your real estate journey and making your dreams a reality.

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